In purchasing a ticket for the show floor, you agree to the following rules:   
1. Tickets are completely non refundable. Non transferable.  No exceptions.  
2.  Visitors will be allowed to bring 1 baby on the show floor and it must be checked in prior to the show (NO fakes/knockoffs)
3.  NO strollers allowed on show floor or in events.  You may use them in hotel and lobby    
4.  NO pets allowed. (With the exception of Trained support animals only)
5. NO food or drinks allowed 
6. Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Children under 3 are free.    
7.  EARLY BIRD TICKETS are good for Saturday only.  If you want to enter the showfloor Sunday, the tickets are available separately.  
8.   By entering the show floor and/or events, you are agreeing to be videotaped and/or photographed.  
9.  You may NOT sell or advertise yourself at the show if you are not a vendor.  This includes handing out business cards or wearing social media advertising etc.  please respect the paid vendors.  
10.  Bracelets are NON replaceable.  If you lose your bracelet you must buy another.  

REGULAR show floor tickets will be purchased AT the show.